Friday, February 5, 2010

Tiara 2's 7th Birthday : The UN-sleepover party....

So Tiara 2 is now 7. Sigh. I'm amazed by her everyday and I cannot believe she has been with us for 7 years now. She has grown into such a kind, sweet, compassionate and genuinely lovely person and her soul is just as beautiful.

All of Tiara 2's little friends LOVE the idea of sleeping over yet none are quite to that point of making it through the night without wanting to be in their own bed. As much as they WANT to stay all night. It just isn't going to happen. Yet. So when Tiara 2 told me she wanted a sleepover party for her birthday, I immediately began stressing! I knew the little girls would want to come but wondered if any would make it through the night or worse yet, back out at the last minute and not make the party at all? Tiara 2 and I talked and decided to put a twist on the sleepover party theme.

We decided to do an UN-sleepover party. So we made our trip to the craft store to buy our birthday invitation supplies. I started making the Tiaras invitations when they were babies and the invitations have become as much fun as the party for the Tiaras. This year, we went with the PINK and PURPLE theme since only girls were on the invite list. So we purchased cotton candy pink and light grape purple felt, lavender puffy teddy bear ribbon and some yummy pale pink paper with girly-girl pink swirls. We made sleeping bag invitations for the little girls. (There is an invitation for Tiara 1 and Tiara 2 as well. I usually mail one to each of them for the Tiaras' birthday parties. By doing that, the Tiara who's having the party will have an invitation years from now as a memory of her party and the Tiara who is the sister of the birthday girl will receive an invitation just as all other invited guests.)

We rolled the sleeping bags up, added their names to the outside and tied them with a strand of princess pearls. We then hand delivered our invitations to each of the five little girls on our invite list since these could not be mailed.

The day before the party, I made our chocolate "fried" eggs. They turned out very well and were a HUGE hit at the party! For the party, I sat them in a hot pink skillet which I borrowed from the Tiaras kitchen.

The day of the party, I made our cupcakes. We had fudge chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and golden vanilla cupcakes with lavender icing. I arranged them on our party table along with our fried eggs. Tiara 2 had her own pedestal for her cupcake.

We were serving breakfast at the party which included Belgian waffles so we had milk chocolate chips and white chocolate chips as well as whipped cream to garnish the Belgian waffles. Hot chocolate was also on the menu and the puffy pink heart marshmallows were available too.

We decorated with more girly princess pearl strands, purple streamers, hot pink and lavender curly ribbon, and balloons in cotton candy pink, grape purple and pearly white.

The girls were all dropped off at 5pm, wearing their pajamas and fuzzy slippers and toting their sleeping bags. They painted pillow cases.

Then they ate their breakfast of Belgian waffles and hot chocolate, both with lots of chocolate chips and whipped cream. After breakfast, they laid their sleeping bags out on the floor, the lights were dimmed and they watched Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler (which I HIGHLY recommend!).

They ate 3 bowls of popcorn during the movie and drank Capri Sun SUNRISE juice boxes.

After the movie was over, they had dance contests and burned all the sugar off.

We then had cupcakes and ice cream.

And as Tiara 2 was opening her gifts, the parents arrived to take their party girls home. The party seemed to be a HUGE hit and was a great alternative to driving little girls home at 2am when they couldn't sleep and missed their own beds.

Happy 7th birthday, Tiara 2......

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