Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Made me giggle

The Tiaras cover many different subjects in their homeschool studies. Some we do on a daily basis, some three days a week, some two days a week and some we only touch on one day a week. Tiara 2 does a 'Symbols of America' book which she uses on a daily basis. The exercises are short and sometimes involve coloring. Tiara 2 just turned 7 so she enjoys that sort of thing. Actually, Tiara 1 enjoys it as well. Anyway, a few weeks ago, Tiara 2 had to color the President's Seal. She likes to be very independent and is a great speller so she didn't bother to ask how to spell the President's name. Tiara 1 looked at the page when Tiara 2 was finished and said "Oh my goodness, that looks like BROKE-OBAMA!

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Nancy said...

Oh, my....."Out of the mouths of babes"!