Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Bugs Annual Visit on Valentine's Day !

So a few years back, the Tiaras read about Love Bugs in a book. The story mentioned that if you built a home for the Love Bugs, they would visit and possibly even take up permanent residence. You know the old adage, Build it and they will come? Immediately, the Tiaras set about building their Love Bug abode. They started with a shoebox and with the assistance of Daddy, they built two Love Bug beds out of scrap wood. They hand-stitched bed spreads using scrap cloth and stuffed the bedding with cotton balls. The Love Bugs landed last February 1st of 2009 and stayed with us through that Valentine's Day.

For Christmas of 2008, Tiara 2 wanted mailboxes for all four of our family members. She enjoys leaving notes for all of us and the mailboxes were very high on her list. Daddy set about making mailboxes and each of the Tiaras have one outside of their bedroom doors while ours sits just inside our bedroom door.

So the Love Bugs must have discovered our mailboxes because last February they began leaving small pieces of candy, one a day, in the Tiaras mailboxes. They always left the flag up, signaling the Tiaras that they had a treat each morning. And on Valentines Day, the Love Bugs left a larger sweet treat and a small gift. The Tiaras were SO excited that they decided to leave the Love Bugs home permanently out on our hutch, and continued to add on. Over the next year, the Tiaras added a chimney, a shingled roof, wallpaper, two tables and a mailbox, all made of recycled materials.

When the Jonas Brothers released their song, Lovebug, there was even discussion in our home that the JoBros must have their own Love Bug visitors. (Scroll to the bottom and wait on my playlist to load to hear the JoBros singing Lovebug.)

Well, the Love Bugs returned this year and the girls again had SO much fun receiving their treats every morning. On Valentines Day, they awoke to find rice krispie treats dipped in red chocolate with sprinkles on lollipop sticks and felt flower hair accessory craft kits.

The girls had a fabulous Valentines Day...

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Kat said...

I love the mailbox idea! Hmmm...I wonder where we could put them? :-)