Saturday, January 10, 2009

So we started our new book club last week. The Magic Tree House book club ended in December since we are now officially caught up with Mary Pope-Osborne. And the kids asked that I start a new book club. The Magic Tree House book club was a great book club but it did limit us in regards to age. Our homeschool co-op, at one time, had a teen book club, a Newberry book club (for the tweens) and the MTH book club that I led. Although the MTH club had 15 members at one time, we gradually dwindled to 6 or 7 with 2 of those being mine.

So in starting the new book club, I really wanted one that would appeal to a larger age span and hopefully get the crowd back. The Newberry club has ended as the mom who leads it is moving to NY in a few months when her hubby returns from Iraq. And the teen club ended months ago although I don't know what happened with that.

After much research and a few kids who really begged, we decided to go with the Carole Marsh Mystery series. They are geared for ages 6-14 and really have a great appeal with the kids. The author actually lives within an hour of us in Peachtree City GA and there's a huge possibility we might get her to visit our bookclub one month.

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