Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

So we were originally planning to go to our Kaya club meeting this afternoon at another homeschool family's home. We are alternating the monthly meetings between the homes of three different families this year. The club is focusing on Kaya (American Girl) of the Nez Perce tribe in 1764. The Tiaras and I will be going quite in depth this year with our Native American studies. I have many stories, autobiographies, History Pockets and other crafts / activities planned for our year.

In preparation for the meeting, the Tiaras both painted a picture of their favorite part of the Kaya story.

Tiara 2 painted Kaya , Kaya's tepee and fire and the skewer that held the salmon while it was cooked over the fire.

Tiara 1 painted the river, 2 salmon jumping out of the river, two tepees and Kaya. And a bright green heart. (Tiara 1 likes loves hearts.)

Each month, the Tiaras will be painting a scene related to that month's story. And those paintings will be stored in these.

Tiara 2's journal:

Tiara 1's journal: (Notice the heart?)

As it turned out, our club meeting was postponed until tomorrow due to one of the kiddos having dental issues. So after school work today, the girls spent the remainder of the day doing more of what they love best...


Kat said...

I am thinking that my girls need to come and stay with you. At least until their craft fix is over.

tammy said...

I followed your comment on my blog back to your blog, since I have more time now to look around. I was so interested in this post, because my daughter is going to her first American Girl Book Club meeting next week and they will be discussing the first two Kaya books. We just started the second book this evening. Having had all boys first, this girl stuff is all new to me! Great blog and I love your daughters art works! :) Tell them they did great jobs!!