Friday, August 15, 2008

Woo Hoo!

For those of us who homeschool, Discovery United Streaming can be (and is, in our household) an invaluable tool. I'm not certain of other states but here in Georgia, we, as homeschoolers, have free access to the site (thanks to Georgia Public Broadcasting). There are certain criteria that must be met to renew your "subscription" every year including the sending of your Declaration of Intent but other than that, the process is extremely simple. On August 1, every homeschooling family that I knew lost their access to the United Streaming website and the poor admin assistant who is in charge of memberships for all homeschoolers in the state of Georgia (we are plentiful, let me tell ya) got bombarded with requests to rejoin. I have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) to regain access. It's an incredible site with anything and everything under the sun available for viewing. I FINALLY got my password this morning! WOO HOO! The Tiaras will be so stoked! Especially Tiara 1 who, like her mother, is a visual learner. Off to check it out now... Have a wonderful weekend!


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

This is a fab resource, and I use it with our science studies a lot. For kids who remember stuff they see, it sure is a great teaching tool!

Kat said...

I have never paid attention to the United Streaming stuff. What exactly is it? Before I get on the band wagon, thought I might see where it's going :-)