Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lovin' the Olympics !

Our family is thoroughly lovin' the Olympics! The Tiaras have watched until they can't keep their eyes opened. The favorites in our house (besides the opening ceremonies) have been the synchronized diving, all swimming events and of course, the gymnastics. Regardless of which team it is, the gymnastics is incredible to watch. Both girls literally had mouths hanging open this afternoon while watching the girls gymnastics prelim competition that I recorded last night.

Mrs. World Traveler suggested joining her family in England in 2012 for the next Summer Olympics. Hmmm, it's a thought. Definitely something to dream about. What an awesome field trip that would be!

Living here in Atlanta, there are remnants everywhere of the 1996 Summer Olympics. Of course, during those Olympics, I lived in the (great) mid.west so unfortunately, I wasn't here to experience the buzz of that era. While touring Turner Field last week (which was originally built for the Olympics), I was able to capture a great photo of the Atlanta Olympics history.

Yes, our family is definitely lovin' the Olympics.....

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Beth said...

Darcy did a great job on your blog. I was reading her blog and recognized your girls. I think our paths have crossed before. Congrats! on a new blog space.