Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where did our week go?

This past week has flown by. We managed a few days at home, continuing with the organization of the upcoming school year. I haven't set a definite date yet for starting although we do school to an extent year-round so it won't be much of a change. We are planning a week in Florida in the middle of September so I am seriously considering starting back after we return from Florida. I just know that once we get into the daily routine, it will be time to go to Florida and then upon return, it will be much harder to return to the routine. If I wait until we return to start, the girls will be excited about all their new books. Not to say that the girls don't like school because they do; in fact, they LOVE school work. They love learning which makes my life so much easier and makes our days so much more fun.

This last week, we toured Turner Field where the Atlanta Braves play. We also got together with some friends for a "slip n slide party". We had guitar lessons as well. Tomorrow we are planning a trip to a local petting farm so I'm sure I will have lots of photos to post.

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Rhonda said...

I bow down to all home schooling mothers and fathers out there. And many of whom I know doing it, love it!

I would kill my children and land myself in jail.

It would truly suck.

Good on ya'!