Thursday, July 31, 2008

Warning: Fresh Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Ahead - Proceed With Caution!

A few weeks ago, we went by the local Krispy Kreme for a mid-afternoon sugar high while out shopping with some friends. While the kiddos were eating their glazed treats, we noticed that the donut holes were being made right before our very eyes. At this particular Krispy Kreme, you are able to view the entire process behind a glass wall. In this photo, the dough is moving up and down multiple racks while the dough is (literally) rising.

In this photo, the doughnut holes have moved off the racks and are on their way into the grease.

While in the grease, they are flipped so that each side gets equal fry-time.

Out of the grease and into the wall of glaze.....

Out of the glaze ........
cooling off for a moment or two... then into

this handy, dandy box for transporting or
this lovely case for displaying!

This is an example of the sugar high that follows the enjoyable Krispy Kreme doughnut...
Aren't they all so cute?


Emily said...


Thanks for the cute comment on my blog, that was so nice of you! We love Krispy Kreme at our house too! We are all in love with rainbow sprinkles! ;)

Shannon said...

OMG... I now want to drive out to KK and get some hot fresh donuts! YUM!!!