Saturday, June 7, 2008

Phew! It's over......

Well, the girls danced their hearts out today in front of all the grandparents and their daddy. I was backstage in my usual place, helping all the kids get where they needed to be. After the recital, the girls were both awarded with trophies and certificates. Tiara 1 received a certificate for 6 years with TnD (1 in the Mom & Tot class) and 5 in dance class. Tiara 2 received a certificate for 4 years (1 in Mom & Tot) and 3 in dance class.

So, we are done for another year........ or at least for a few weeks. Tiara 1 has been invited to join the Petite Challenge Competition dance team next year which means she will be taking summer classes as well as attending dance camp later this summer. And Tiara 2 will also be attending dance camp since she would find it completely unacceptable if Tiara 1 were allowed to attend and she were not. And her point would be a valid one.

But for now, the girls can rest their weary feet. The makeup has been washed off their pretty little faces, the costumes all hung on the dress-up rack and they are snuggled in their bed for the night. Sleep tight, my little princesses.

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