Monday, June 9, 2008

One down, four to go...

Day one of VBS was enjoyed by both girls. They learned new songs, memorized a new verse, painted, had cake (eeks!) at 10am and made new friends. I ran errands and watched a little friend of theirs at our house while her mom went on an appointment.

This afternoon we ran to the dance studio, picked up the recital photos and came back home. The girls' photos are incredible this year!

Tiara 1 sat down when we returned home and completed all of her schoolwork in record time. She did very well on all of it as well. I'm seriously going to have to re-think a lot of my curriculum choices for her. She may need to be bumped ahead in a few of the subjects.

Tiara 2 and I didn't do any school work today but she made me promise that we would do some tomorrow. After VBS tomorrow, the girls both have art class so hopefully we will have time in the evening to do some school work.....

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