Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Well, it won't be much different during the day tomorrow for us EXCEPT that T-Bone will be home with us! The girls are ecstatic (they have not seen him since Sunday) except for the few minutes we stopped by the office on our way home from dance class. Tomorrow the girls have school work to do (and Tiara1 has to do school work on Saturday as well as she opted to take today *off*) and guitar lessons. Hopefully tomorrow night, we will be able to go somewhere close by to watch fireworks. The girls have sparklers and would honestly be perfectly content staying home playing with those sparklers but it would be nice to go somewhere and watch the beautiful night sky. On Saturday, we are heading to the family compound at Stone Mtn. to celebrate a few family birthdays. More fireworks will be viewed there as well. And I'm sure we will hear fireworks for many nights to come just as the girls are going to sleep. It always seems to work that way.

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