Friday, June 20, 2008

Kit Kittredge - Here we come!


The new Kit Kittredge movie is having it's first sneak preview tomorrow and I bought tickets for us to go. The girls knew about it weeks ago when I bought the tickets but they have NO idea that tomorrow is the day. They are aware of July 2nd, the day the movie premieres in the theater but they are unaware that tomorrow is our day to view the movie!

Before the movie, we are going to the AG Bistro to buy a few things. :) We are planning to study Kaya this coming school year so Kaya is on our list of purchases for tomorrow. And Tiara 1 has been wavering between Mia and Kit (since she has the movie coming out). My guess is that Tiara 1 will choose Kit although she might surprise me like she did last time. She intended to purchase Elizabeth (Felicity's best friend) at our last visit to the AG Bistro but instead chose Nellie. And Nellie looks a lot like Kit so she might opt for some doll other than Kit. Who knows? On the other hand, I AM certain that Tiara 2 will choose Kaya. She is determined to have the doll we are studying BEFORE we begin studying her. She chose Felicity last year for that very reason.

So, we will be making a rather large contribution to Mattel tomorrow. But considering how much educational value as well as timeless, classic fun the girls gain, the contribution is well worth it.

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